Check us out at the Brandon Farmers’ Market!

We’ll be at the Brandon Farmers’ Market tomorrow from 9AM-2PM! We’ll have lots of delicious goodies, including our own arugula pesto.



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Come to the market and stop by our tent: Alyssa will be selling our produce all day and would love some visitors.


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If you are unable to stop by the market, but are interested in buying some produce, just let us know at We can arrange to deliver or have you pick up at the farm.

Looking forward to tomorrow– hopefully the rain holds off for a couple of hours!

Long days working


Who doesn’t enjoy a quick nap?

We’ve been busy planting and weeding for the last couple of weeks. We have most of our tomatoes in the ground (and we’re looking to sell our leftovers!), lettuce, arugula, hot peppers and the start of our basil! We even made our first batch of arugula pesto– man, it was good! Hopefully, if the weather permits, we’ll finish our planting in the next month. We still have dill, cilantro, more hot peppers and basil. It’s tiring, but it’s been fun!

We also want to thank all the volunteers we’ve had this spring! We’ve had a rotating cast of helping hands and we REALLY couldn’t have done all this without your help. THANK YOU!

If you are interested in volunteering or stopping by the farm for a visit, let us know at Don’t be shy– we have lots of tomato plants to give away and we’ll pack your car full or stockpile them on your bike! We’ll also be at the Brandon Farmers’ Market in just a couple of weeks. Check back for more information on dates and available products.

Lamb’s Quarters Recipe

We can now proudly say: We are one of– if not the best– grower of lamb’s quarters in Whiting.

Lamb’s quarters (also known as Pigweed) is a common, edible weed found in fields, waste spaces, roadsides and throughout. Our garlic patch has been taken over by lamb’s quarters in the last  month, so we decided to experiment with recipes. Our favorite thus far is a simple lamb’s quarter salad with thinned greens from our kitchen garden.


1. Collect and wash weeded lamb’s quarters– you can use the whole young plant, including leaves and stems. If you are thinning greens from your garden, collect and wash those as well (we’ve been using kale, a spicy green mix and different lettuces).

2. Cut into small bite-sized pieces.

3. Drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve.

It doesn’t have a bitter taste, but rather a green fresh hint. Super good!


Looking to plant your own organic garden at home? We have lots of plants for sale! 

Tomatoes —Including Rocky Top, Persimmon, Mountain Magic, Riviera and more—

Hot Peppers —Perfect for canning, drying and preserving—

Herbs and greens —Including basil (both Italian and Thai), lettuces, and arugala—


Contact us at FASTHITCHFARM@GMAIL.COM for price information. We prefer if you pick-up but can make arrangements throughout the Otter and Champlain Valleys.


New faces at Fast Hitch Farm! We picked up these little ladies this week and promptly introduced them to their new home. I can’t keep my hands off of them.